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Product ID: TQAA026
Product Name: L-Theanine 
CAS NO: 3081-61-6

Molecular Formula:C7H14N2O3
Molecular Weight:174.2
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance:White to Off White Powder
Application:L-Theanine modulates the activity of several antitumor drugs and has been reported to stimulate self-renewal of human embryonic stem cells. L-Theanine binds to AMPA, Kainate, NMDA, and group I mGlu receptors.

Theanine is able to bind to AMPA, kainite, and NMDA glycine receptors in rat cortical neurons but with less affinity than glutamic acid. It has been studied as a glutamate transport inhibitor, preventing glutamate uptake by M5076 ovarian sarcoma-bearing mouse cells and increasing the effect of doxorubicin on tumor growth in M5076 mice.
Storage Conditions2-8°C

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