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Product ID: TQPT001
Product Name: Argatroban
CAS NO: 141396-28-3

Molecular Formula:C23H38N6O6S

Molecular Weight:526.65


Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

Appearance:White to Off-White Powder

Application:(1)Argatroban is a potent, seletive, univalent direct inhibitor of thrombin. It directly inhibits thrombin by binding only to its active site (thus univalent) as compared to Bivalent DTIs (hirudin and analogs) which bind both to the active site and exosite.

(2)Antithrombotic drugs. Agartroban is a thrombin inhibitor, which has a strong selective inhibitory effect on thrombin. Inhibiting platelet aggregation induced by thrombin has a weak inhibition on fibrinolysis and promotes fibrinolysis. Used for chronic arterial occlusion.

Storage Conditions:2-8°C

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