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Sodium Styrene Sulfonate(SSS)
Product ID: TQPT008
Product Name: Sodium Styrene Sulfonate(SSS)
CAS NO: 2695-37-6

Molecular Formula:C8H7SO3Na

Molecular Weight:206.20


Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade

Appearance:Free flowing granules or powder without visible contamination


(1) Used to prepare dyeing modifiers for polypropylene and acrylic fibers, reactive emulsifiers, charged preventive agents such as nylon, record paper, polyester, sulfur-yellow exchange resin, etc.

(2) Used in dyeing improver (propylene fiber, polyester, polypropylene fiber, rayon), reactive emulsifier, polysulfide dislocation (dialysis film, battery, artificial body film), charged preventive agent (nylon, record paper, polyester), sulfur exchange resin (film), photo-realistic agent (micro-film), electroplating gloss agent.

(3) Mainly used for the third monomer produced by acrylic fiber dry process.

Storage Conditions:

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